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An Evening With MVAC

Maracas Valley: Facts and Figures

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A Look at Problems being Experienced by Maracas Valley Residents Today

Some Problems are

A Look at Each in Turn

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Coosals Quarry February 2004

Coosals Quarry January 2005

El Chorro Quarry

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Traffic Movement

Or No Movement

January 2002 Heavy Lorries did not help this Situation

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As a result of deforestation & slash and burn

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Satellite imagery Maracas, Caura and Lopinot Valleys

Satellite imagery Maracas Valley (Wharf trace - Poolside)

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Moving Up To Ridges

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Satellite imagery Mountain View, Valley View, Maracas Gardens

Satellite imagery Mountain View

Satellite imagery Valley View

Satellite imagery Acono

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Maracas Gardens as seen from Mountain View (January 2005)

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Satellite imagery 2004 Poolside (Maracas Valley)

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Buena Vista at the Entry to the Valley

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And What Can Happen

Maybe Slightly Precarious?

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From Underneath (Rubble is Dumped across the Road)

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Footbridge? From Maracas Royal Road To a House in Poolside Phase 2

Was approval Granted for This?

Concrete Jungle

What will happen when all these Developments are Finished?

Maybe This?

Or This?

House surrounded by Water!

How Many More are Already Approved?

How Many New Applications are there for Housing already in the Pipeline?

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